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Which Hairstyles Are Best for Round Faces?

If you have a round face, you know that finding the perfect hairstyle can make a difference in highlighting your best features. Round faces are characterised by soft, curved lines, full cheeks, and a face width almost equal to its length. The goal of hairstyles for round faces is to create the illusion of length and add angles to balance out the natural curves. So, if you’re wondering which hairstyle is best for a round face, we’ve got you a list. Here are the most flattering hairstyles for you:

1. Long Layers

Long layers are a go-to for round faces because they add length and movement without adding width. By growing your locks longer and incorporating subtle layers, you can elongate the look of your face. The key is to keep the layers below the chin to avoid adding volume to the sides of your face. You can go the extra mile by making those layers gorgeously wavy with the help of your go-to triple barrel curler

2. Shoulder-Skimming Lob

A lob (long bob) that grazes the shoulders is trendy and flattering for round faces. It helps elongate the face while providing enough length for playing with different styles. You can add soft waves or curls to create texture, bounce and movement.

3. Side-Swept Bangs

Bangs can be tricky for round faces, but side-swept bangs are a winner. They create angles and draw attention to the eyes, breaking up the symmetry of a round face. Keep the bangs long and wispy, hitting around the cheekbones for the most flattering effect.

4. Asymmetrical Bob

An asymmetrical bob, where one side is longer than the other, adds a modern twist and creates a slimming effect. This style introduces angles and lengthens the face, making it a perfect choice for round faces. Ensure the longer side falls below the chin to avoid adding width.

5. High Ponytail

Which hairstyle is good for a round face? Here’s something simple: a high ponytail. It’s an easy yet effective way to elongate a round face. Pull your hair up and away from the face to create height and draw the eye upward. For added volume, tease the crown before securing the ponytail.

6. Soft Waves

Soft, tousled waves add dimension and break up the roundness of the face. Use a curling wand to create loose waves; simply start from the mid-lengths down to the ends. This hairstyle adds movement and a touch of effortless chic.

7. Long, Side-Swept Layers

Long, side-swept layers can perfectly add length and angles to a round face. Plus, the side-swept layers help frame the face and draw attention away from the roundness. What’s more? This style works well with both straight and wavy hair. So, go and get your favourite hair iron, pull off this hairstyle, and look fabulous all day. 

8. Pixie Cut with Volume

What hairstyle looks best with a round face? A pixie cut can be incredibly flattering for round faces if done right. Go for a pixie with volume at the crown and longer layers on top. That way, you can add height and create a more elongated silhouette. Don’t forget to avoid blunt cuts that can add width to the face.

9. Half-Up Top Knot

The half-up top knot is a popular and flattering style for round faces. All you have to do is pull the top section of your hair into a knot. Doing so helps create height and elongate the face. Leave the rest of your hair down with soft waves for a balanced look.

10. Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs are best for round faces. Since these bangs are parted in the middle, they can frame the face on both sides while creating the illusion of length. They work well with both long and medium-length hair, adding a touch of retro glam.

Final Tips

  • Steer Clear of Blunt Cuts: Blunt cuts, especially those that end at the chin, can make a round face appear wider. Pick styles with layers and angles instead.

  • Add Height: Which hairstyle is best for round faces? Hairstyles that add height at the crown, such as top knots or teased styles, help to elongate the face.

  • Play with Texture: Don’t be afraid to create waves, curls, and textured styles that add dimension and break up the roundness of the face.

  • Use Colour Wisely: Strategic highlights and lowlights can add depth and dimension, further enhancing the shape of your face.

Rounding It Out

Maximise these fabulous hairstyles to embrace your round face and highlight your best features. Remember, what matters is to choose a style that boosts your confidence. So, experiment with these looks, and find the one that suits you best! 


What length of hair is best for round faces?

Generally, medium to long hair lengths (below the chin) are most flattering for round faces. Longer hair helps elongate the face and create the illusion of a slimmer silhouette. With the right styling, short hair can also work well for round faces.

Are bangs good for round faces?

Yes, certain types of bangs can suit round faces. Side-swept bangs, long curtain bangs, or wispy bangs that hit at or below the cheekbones are great options. They help create angles and add dimension to soften the roundness of the face.

What hairstyles should I avoid if I have a round face?

Besides knowing the best types of hairstyles for round faces, you should also avoid certain styles that may add too much volume to the sides of your face. It’s best not to go for a blunt, chin-length bob, straight, heavy bangs that cut across the forehead, and short pixie cuts with no volume on top.

Can I wear my hair up if I have a round face?

Absolutely! Updos can make round faces look fabulous. Select styles that add height at the crown to elongate your face shape. A high ponytail, a messy top knot, or a voluminous updo with face-framing tendrils can all look great.

Are layers good for round faces?

Yes. Layers can be excellent for round faces. They add movement and dimension to your hair, which helps break up the roundness of your face. Long, face-framing layers starting at the chin or below are particularly flattering.

Can I have short hair with a round face?

While longer styles are often recommended, you can rock short hair with a round face. The key is to choose styles that add height at the crown and keep some length around the face. As mentioned above, a textured pixie cut with longer pieces in front or an asymmetrical bob can look fantastic on round faces.

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