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myCurl Interchangeable


The myCurl INTERCHANGEABLE system is designed to give you the freedom to build a personalised professional curler.

Start with the myCurl Base and then add your ideal accessories. Select from Wands, Hair Tongs or Triple barrel waver - each creating their own unique curl. 

Now you can change your curls to fit every occasion. 

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About Our Leather
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STEP 1: 
Start with the Base 

This is the Base (Handle ) and is the most important part to creating infinite curls.


The next step is to choose your barrels.

You can select wands, clamps and even triple barrels to create your dream curler.

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Select your accessories

Choose from a Wand, Hair Tong and a Triple Barrel waver

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The myCurl range is powered by Veaudry's Tourmaline Ceramic Technology

Tourmaline is a semi-precious crystal, which when heated, produces vital ionic and infrared properties. 

This technology is used to heat the hair from within, reducing damage to the cuticle ( outer ) layer of your hair with breathtaking results.

At Veaudry we combine Tourmaline & Ceramic which together produce more negative ions than ceramic alone, meaning that we are able to assist in closing your hairs cuticle faster than ever before - locking in colour!

Tourmaline technology also eliminates environmental toxins that damage and odersizes hair, meaning your style will now be fresh & clean too.

Tourmaline Ceramic technology retains your hairs natural moisture by assisting to close the cuticle layer faster than traditional heat styling - resulting in naturally shiny & healthy looking hair

Tourmaline a 100% organic a semi-precious mineral gemstone, well known for its incredible ability to aid in the detoxification process and is is one of only a handful of minerals that has the ability to emit negative ions and far-infrared rays.

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