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Understanding heat & the optimal settings

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Knowing the optimal temperature range for your hair type and texture is not only for styling your hair but more importantly ensuring that you maintain the condition of your hair without causing unnecessary damage. 

Different hair types and textures require different temperatures for daily use. 

While Veaudry Stylers cater for all users, from professional hair stylists to daily home users, it is important to understand that your professional stylist may work at higher temperatures to achieve specific results or perform technical in-salon services - their temperature choice may not be ideal for day to day home styling.

If you are unsure which heat setting is best for you, rather start on the lowest setting and increase from there and Remember to always apply a thermal protect before using any heat appliance

Below is the VEAUDRY guide to heat styling. 

110'C - 150'C

Fragile / Fine Hair 

Fragile, Fine, Chemically altered hair shouldn't require a great deal of heat in order to achieve the desired result. 

We suggest always starting at the lowest temperature - Think 'Lower and slower" and if this works, stay at this temperature. Remember to always use a professional thermal protect, especially on delicate / fragile hair.

150'C - 180'C

Thin to Healthy Hair

Thin to  healthy hair is typically hair that is not very fine nor wavy or course. Hair reacts well to heat and does not need higher temperatures to create the ideal style. Remember to always use a Thermal protect.

180'C - 200'c

Healthy hair / Wavy hair

This is often the most common settings for stylers as it caters for typically wavy hair that is a little tricky to style. If your hair is healthy and slightly unruly, then this is a great setting for daily use. But if your hair is chemically altered or fragile, we suggest a lower setting. Remember to use a Thermal protect.

200'C - 210'C

Healthy to Unruly Hair

Ideal for course hair texture that is in healthy condition. We would suggest starting at 190'C and then increase the temperature if need be. Keep in mind that Chemically altered hair should not have high temperatures, so rather aim for lower settings. Remember to always use a Thermal protect.  

210'C - 230'C

Professional in-Salon services

Best suited for Professional hair stylists and in-salon services. Higher temperatures can be used on very thick, unruly hair that is healthy. Refrain from high temperatures for daily use. Remember to always use a Thermal protect.  

Veaudry Heat gauge 2024.jpg
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