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Mistakes to Avoid when Using a Hair Dryer

A salon-quality blow-dry is easily achievable at home if you avoid some common pitfalls! Here at Veaudry, we are dedicated to helping you unlock the full potential of your hair routine while enhancing your locks' shine, health, and overall appearance. Read on to achieve stunning results and avoid these common hair dryer missteps.

1. Neglecting Heat Protection

An often-skipped yet vital step is applying a heat protectant. This hair product acts as a shield, protecting your strands from potential heat damage while preserving moisture and health. Make it a routine to apply a protectant to damp hair before you begin styling, and ensure every strand is covered for optimal protection.

2. Picking the Wrong Heat Settings 

Not every hair type can withstand intense heat, which is why it is important to check how many watts a hair dryer uses and incorporate the appropriate wattage for your hair type and styling needs. Remember that a hair dryer's wattage can affect its heat output and drying speed, so selecting the right wattage is key to preventing excessive heat exposure. Start with a moderate setting and adjust it as needed based on your hair's response. 

3. Failing to Choose the Best Hair Dryer Type

Whether it's a hair dryer brush for effortless styling, a cordless hair dryer for convenience and mobility, or a hair dryer with a diffuser for enhancing natural curls, the type of hair dryer can significantly impact your drying experience and the health of your hair. Understand each type’s unique benefits and considerations to select one that best suits your hair type and styling preferences.

4. Skipping Pre-Drying Techniques

Initiating the blow-drying process with excessively wet hair can unnecessarily prolong drying time and heighten the risk of heat damage. Begin by gently towel-drying and detangling your hair to remove excess moisture. That way, you can set the stage for a quicker and safer drying experience.

5. Drying Hair Without Sectioning

Drying your hair without sectioning can result in uneven styling and increased frizz. On the other hand, sectioning your hair can ensure a meticulous drying process, allowing focused attention on each strand for a smoother, more refined finish. Try using clips to organise your hair into manageable sections and tackle one at a time for optimal results.

6. Not Knowing the Importance of the Nozzle

The dryer's nozzle prevents direct exposure by acting as a heat shield between hot air and your scalp. More importantly, it helps distribute heat more evenly for efficient hair styling. Not knowing the importance of the hair dryer’s nozzle can lead to unwanted frizz and an uneven hair texture. So, learn to position the nozzle the right way to target sections evenly, add volume successfully, and prevent over-drying your locks. 

7. Not Using the Cool Shot Function

The cool shot button or feature is designed to set your hairstyle for a longer-lasting hold and amplify your hair shine by sealing the hair's cuticles. Incorporate the cool shot into your routine, and use it after drying each section for luminosity and style longevity.

8. Neglecting Dryer Maintenance

The longevity and performance of your hair dryer are closely tied to its maintenance. A clean filter is essential for maintaining optimal airflow and preventing potential overheating. Clean the filter regularly to ensure your dryer functions efficiently and safely and extend its usability.

Enhancing Your Blow-Drying Technique

Other than avoiding the common mistakes when using a hair dryer, you should also improve your technique to achieve a salon-quality blow-dry at home. Here are some tips to elevate your technique:

Preparing Hair Properly

  • Start preparing your hair by towel-drying it gently to remove excess moisture. Then, as mentioned above, apply a heat protectant spray or serum to shield your locks from avoidable heat damage.

  • Your locks must be clean, soft, detangled and primed for blow-drying and hair styling. So, spend around five minutes brushing your hair before blow-drying it. This step is vital, especially if you have thick or greasy hair. 

Using Proper Blow-Drying Techniques

  • Use clips or hair ties to divide your locks into manageable sections, and start blow-drying your hair and styling from the bottom layers, working your way up.

  • Start with a low to medium heat setting to remove excess moisture before styling. Then, switch to a medium to high heat setting and aim the airflow downward along the hair shaft while gliding the brush down the length of the hair.

Choosing Appropriate Tools for Desired Style

  • Pick a high-quality, professional-grade blow dryer with multiple heat and speed settings to gain full control over your hair styling session.

  • Select a round brush with a barrel size that suits your desired hairstyle. For example, a larger barrel helps create more volume, while a smaller barrel is good for achieving tighter curls or waves. If you want added volume, use the round brush to lift the hair at the crown area while directing the heat towards the hair roots. 

Final Thoughts 

Have you discovered any hair-drying mistakes in your routine? Are you considering a new approach to blow-drying based on these hair tips? Share your experiences and plans for adjusting your hair-drying routine in the comments below. We're eager to hear how you're making these changes work for you and your hair!

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