with our salon and distribution partners

Covid 19 poses an impact on our industry and one that we intend to navigate together, so that we can overcome this pandemic and ensure that we continue to build the industry together with all our partner salons. 

As Veaudry International - we would like to provide insights / guides to ensure that our industry and salons that we support, will be able to mitigate the short term, manage the medium term and dominate the long term.

We believe that although this pandemic is very real and has evoked substantial fear into the hearts and minds of so many people, we are committed to staying positive and fixing our eyes on the future. We encourage each and everyone to avoid any unsubstantiated fear mongering articles and discussions. 

PS - before we go any further, we are pleased to let you know that we have been working closely with other leading suppliers in the industry on submitting a proposal to the government on why Hairdressing should be allowed to return as the first wave of industries that return to work  in addition the EOHCB is also submitting a proposal to government  - so you can be rest assure that while we, as an industry, are working hard together already.



While there is talk that our Industry may well be delayed on when we can get back to work, we wanted to share some positive points to get your mind focussed on your business, and start using your time to build mindset and outlook towards a positive and bright future. 



Work with your team to create social media content, focussed around tips and tricks for your clients - using brands that you stock in the salon to help generate sales now and for when you re-open. This helps to build staff moral, builds the salons social media presence and builds a positive outlook. 


Staying connected with your team during this time of lockdown is essential in maintaining that salon community that your stylist know and love. Keep your culture alive and well by staying in touch ( Group chats, Phone calls, check ins and Online Chat Parties such as Zoom or House Party apps ) 

Encourage all team members to up skill themselves during the lock down, gain product knowledge on the brand you stock, do online courses where available. Do what it takes to ensure that you have a competitive edge when life goes back to normal.  


Truth be told, when you reopen you are more than likely going to be flooded with appointments - so please encourage your team to stay safe and well during the lock down . 

Social Media is key to letting your clients know that you are building up to your Grand Reopening :-) - and we suggest you treat exactly like you treated your initial opening of your salons. Make it a big deal - have opening specials, go live on facebook, use Instagram TV. 

TIP - if you are in a shopping centre, start educating clients what the shortest distance to your salon is - what is the closest parking lot / entrance that they can use to minimise unnecessary contact with people ( promoting social distancing ) 

Do we need to mention Hygiene . . . Or is this a rhetorical question ?  Hygiene is now more important than ever before - so promote the fact that you are following all the WHO ( World Health Organisation )  regulations - Sanitising surfaces, washing hands, wearing masks, maintaining safe distances etc - for more information please visit the South African Covid19 webpage:  


Stay inspired and connected:

  • Create a list of artists that you have always wanted to reach out to and do a collab with them  . . . and reach out to them ( they are more than likely on their phones and not doing clients now - so it will be welcomed more now than ever before ) 

  • Revamp time . . . Time to revamp your digital footprint. What does your Website, facebook and Instagram pages look like. This is the perfect time to relook, revamp and catch up on your content calendar for the coming months too.

  • Get comfortable recording yourself, seeing yourself and hearing yourself as you start to record tips and tricks, product reviews etc and get that content onto your social media platforms 


Be highly visible on Social media - Don't post doom and gloom content - rather be positive and let your clients see what services you offer, work you have done, brands your stock, tips and tricks posted by your team - ultimately getting your clients to see you as the professional that you are. 

Have your reception line directed to a cell phone that can make appointments. 

Use online booking system to allow your customers to book their appointments - we suggest the free app:  


As previously mentioned, communication is critical at this time and not just with your staff, but most certainly with your clients. Ensure that all your client facing staff keep lines of communication open with your existing clients - retaining existing customers is far easier than attracting new customers, so at this stage you need to ensure that you are communicating with your clients exceptionally well.



  • SMME Relief finance due to COVID19  - this application opened on the 2nd of April 2020. Please note that this is not a grant, but rather a loan that will be given that needs to be be paid back at prime less 5%. limited funding of R500'000,00 per SMME. 

    • SMME can apply for financial or non-financial assistance in order to meet employee, supplier and overhead obligations.

    • To Qualify the SMME must meet the below criteria.

      • Turnover below 50million for previous Financial year

      • 100% South African Owned company

      • 70% of your staff must be South African 

      • Priority will be given to businesses owned by Women, Youth and people with Disabilities.

      • Registered with CIPC by at least 28 Feb 2020

      • Business must be tax compliant

    • Please visit the South African Small Business Development website listed below to apply and get more information:



  • Compensation commissioner

    • Any employee contracting COVID19 virus while employed by you ( and not while at home ) can apply for compensation under tye Compensation Act. Please note that these applications must be made in person by the employee to the Compensation Commissioner's offices. for more information please visit: 




  • Solidarity fund, allows South Africans to support the fight against the COVID19 Pandemic by making donations - if you are in a position to donate please visit the website below: 


All information and weblinks throughout this article are for references purposes only and are subject to change 

  • CUT COSTS: One of the biggest  advantages of salons is that they have most likely been built from the ground up, and being start up entrepreneurs you know how to make a little go a long way. Typically as businesses grew in the past, they added in "Luxuries"  like bigger space, added offices, more staff, entertainment and countless things that made life more comfortable, but things have changed and now is the time to cut all discretionary spend. Look at where your business is currently spending money and consider which expenses are avoidable ( or ideally removable ). Think about excess marketing spends, printing spend, the size of your salon space ( rentals ) and other expenses that you may be able to reduce without affecting the quality of your business. 

  • EFFICIENCY: Building a lean business is critical at this point in time, and being as efficient as possible will result in increased profits.

  • RAW MATERIAL COSTS: It's time to get to grips with your Raw material costs in your business. 

    • Can you honestly say you know exactly how much the various service in your business actually cost you?

    • Speak to us and we will show you how to calculate the cost of your colour application and how Muk colour can help you minimise stock holding and reduce costs in your salon. - email:  

  • PAYMENT HOLIDAYS: Reach out to your banks and see if they are able to offer you a payment holiday where possible



Don't lose hope - there is light at the end of the tunnel as the current crises will not last forever  

The lock down was a blow and a half, and then they added 2 more weeks - so where did this push most people . . . into denial and onto the couch watching TV - How does this add any value to your life, your business, your staff or your client? It Does not!

So let's get to it then , time to get your action plan together. 

Let's face the crises head on, lets be agile to change, lets become efficient businesses that look back on this time and say "Thank you" for forcing me to stop and take time out to relook at my business, my costs, my marketing, my differentiating points ultimately making me a better business than that which i could ever have imagined. 

Remember when you started your salon, you were on fire with ideas, to promote and grow your salon, ideas on what would make you stand our from the crowd - well now is the time to revisit that former version of yourself , pull your self off the coach and get cracking on your action plan. 

There is no time like the present, and since we all have that catch phrase " I'll get to it when i have time" well, you now have more time than you will ever have, so let's use it wisely, let's be proactive and positive and start building into our futures.



    • This is probably one of the biggest mindset shifts that I can suggest, and its super simple: Control what you can, Ignore what you cant!  Don't beat yourself up ( or get pulled down )  about things you cannot control, rather do everything you can about the things that are in your control. 



    • Innovation is one of the most essential characteristics for any successful business. So what are you doing to innovate your business? Are you re-looking at your social media, your marketing, how you sell services and retail - how are you going to be different, how are you going to stand out from the crowd? 



    • As a business leader you need to be communicating constantly with everyone that is connected to you and your business, and you need to be doing it in a positive ( we can do this ) attitude. You need to be talking to Staff, Suppliers, Landlords and clients. Share regular updates on your situation or the greater macro situation with your team. Keep communication open and clear at all times.   



    • While selling online can be a minefield to setup and get right, and even after spending resources on advertising and google Adwords, you may want to look into the world of selling online, should you have the dedicated resources and finances to do so. 

    • Not everyone has the ability ( or the desire )  to do the above, so at Veaudry we have currently set up an affiliate program for you to sell directly to your consumers and we will deliver your Essential goods ( during lock down ) directly to your client, please mail us for more information: 



    • We are not likely to have time at hand like we do at the moment  - so now is the time to consider the value of your time? Is there something that you could be doing, that is a more valuable use of your time? This Pandemic presents itself the perfect opportunity for introspection. Asses your business, and look at ways to enhance your business into the future. 

    • Strategise, How often do you take the time to Strategise? With the workloads of Salon owners, you very seldom get the real opportunity to strategise for your business, this lockdown presents itself with a unique opportunity to look at ways that you will do things better when the shutdown is lifted.

    • Up your skills ( not only hairdressing skills ) - your business skills need to be top notch and now is the time for you to invest time into studying. Keep in mind that your best asset as an entrepreneur is YOU - so invest in YOU! Read books, study online, there are several courses that you can do online while in isolation ( but please keep doing this into the future, not just while in isolation ) 

    • Be prepared to be better after Covid19



    • If I have not mentioned this enough - I am going to say it again. Your digital presence is critical to your success. You need to spend time re-evaluating your Website and social media pages, then you need to relook at how you will engage with your customers into the future. Now is the time to invest into Digital Marketing more than ever before ( if you can ).

    • Many salons may start holding back investment into this area in the current economic situation, however I would suggest that now is the time to continue investing, as it will allow you to gain critical market share as you blow your competition out the water.

    • Here are ways to invest into marketing

      • Brand Awareness ( on Social Media ) 

      • Become a thought Leader ( start a blog and share your thoughts and reviews - be positive, as people generally prefer to read positive articles ) 

      • Start selling online ( either directly your self or through affiliate programs ) 



    • Quoting Rahm Emanuel who said' " Don't waste a good crises" we all need to be thinking of ways to survive this crises, BUT what if we implemented measures that would see us come out of isolation even stronger. "Perseverance, tenacity, creativity, determination and passion are traits synonymous with entrepreneurs. Now is this time to call on all of these traits and not just survive, but strive"   


Protect yourself.jpg


Please take care of yourself and those around you, and remember to adhere to all COVID19 safety protocols at all times. 

Wash / Sanitise your hands | Avoid Physical Contact | Sanitise surfaces 

Multiple resources and personal thoughts have been combine, shared and localised to the Hairdressing industry, through this article. Resources include: